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Carbonit EM Premium Filter

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 CARBONIT EM ® Premium - the first activated carbon block filter cartridge with integrated EM ceramics to vitalise and harmonization.

EM stands for Effektifve microorganisms. For the production of EM Ceramics, a special fired clay is used, containing organic material from plants that are millions of years old, and during the several months of fermentation process food for the Effective Microorganisms (EM). EM ceramic causes inter alia a reduction of the surface tension of the water and the reduction of the cluster structures. Thereby, the natural state of the water is restored.

The EM-Ceramic is "baked" into the filter cartridge in the production of powder with. This creates a very large contact surface with the water. Together with the proven performance of the filter Carbonit NFP Premium filter technology provides the ideal water filtration. Useful life:

NFP Premium Performance

The filter cartridge should be replaced after about 6 months (according to DIN 1988). Basically, within the 6 months to approximately 10,000 liters of water to be filtered. Earlier replacement may be necessary if the flow rate is reduced.
An early necessary change is not a lack of filter used, but a sign of the increased presence of fine particles in unfiltered water.

Filter Data: Density: 0.45 um, baked sintered activated carbon along with EM-Ceramic Powder

Flow rate: about 2-3 liters per minute, depending on water pressure

Temperature: For technical reasons, use only cold water up to max. 20 ° C, protect from freezing.

For use in: SanUno Auftischfilter, Vario undersink filter

Carbonit EM Premium Filter

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Carbonit NFP Premium Monoblock Filter

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NFP Premium-9 is a filter fineness of 0.45 used absolutely in the corresponding systems DUO, and VARIO SanUno. High protection against bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, polar pesticides and drug residues. This block filter combines the known adsorptive forces of sintered activated carbon (eg pesticides) with mechanical filtration (eg bacteria).

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39,90 EUR (incl. 19 % Tax excl.)

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